-Listen. This is the actual original version.

<snigger snigger> This is simply not comparable to the Metallica cover. Come on- the guy is squeaking!

-No he’s not!  He’s actually handles it rather delicately and sweetly, I think.

<snort> It’s not a delicate song! It’s supposed to be the way James Hetfield sings it!

-It’s supposed to be a surreal metaphysical song! Like a poem!

-What’s with the glasses? Who do they think they are, John Lennon? God- you can barely hear his voice!

-Well turn up the volume then!

-The children will wake up!

-I’m not saying I don’t like the Metallica cover. I’m only saying the Blue Oyster one is quite good too. And it is the original.

-So what? the Metallica version is awesome and the only one worth listening to. Plus this guy looks like a sissy- James Hetfield is the only singer worth looking at.

Christ. Some People. They see one live show and become completely carried away by the cult of personality.



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