Last night, I dreamt I was writing a blog post, listing the ways in which you could be a smarter farter.

Unfortunately, I could think of only one item for the list, which I can’t even remember now – it had something to do with not looking around to see if anyone had noticed, or perhaps it was using mind power to will the fart to be noiseless (can be done- ask any office worker whose spent a long hours in long meetings). I remember thinking in the dream- huh, you can’t make up a list with only one item!

And a few nights ago, I dreamt I was blogging about a new girlfriend of my brother, who was inexplicably named Ha-Amir. I even remember looking at the blog post title, HA-AMIR in capital letters, beneath the blue border of my blog. I remember quizzing my brother with mysister- what kind of girl’s name is that- Ha-Amir?

OK, OK, I am not breaking the cardinal rule of blogging- not to blog about your dreams. This is actually leading to an important point: In both these dreams, I was sharing my blog posts with my brothers and sister, and we were all screaming with laughter.

Of course, the blog is a way to share bits of my life  which is seneslessly so far apart from my loved ones. And it has become a haven of mental joy. Dream joy.

I am not complaining. But the fact is, these days I only seem to laugh out loud during the night, during my dreams, when I dream of blogging and them, and laughing together. And more blogging and laughter.


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