??What?? What, Tragically Hip? And then a hornet stung you? Seriously?

Sorry. I always heard it as “And then the heartache started”. I would sing along, metaphorical tears in my metaphorical eyes… “And then the HEART ache STAAAARTED… you were ahead by a century…” I had tagged Tragically Hip as the kind of rock musician who actually thought they were a poet, hence the name. I didn’t mind that. I like poemy-sounding lyrics myself, seeing as I don’t read real poetry anymore.  

This morning, I arrived at work mid-song, (as always happens. You listen to hours of idiotic jabber and stupidness, and when they start to play something you actually want to listen to, you arrive. Without fail). So naturally, the first order of the day was to seek out “Ahead by a century” on the internet. 

Two rude shocks. First, that Tragically Hip looks like this:  

Yes. Ah well.



And moving on…

Second, he wasn’t singing about his damn heartache at all. He was saying “And then a HORNET STUNG meeeeeee”

Now missed poetry about heartaches is one thing, missed poetry about hornets stinging you when you were a child is something else again. 

Canadian bourgoisie turned sad rocker.  What else can you expect?

image from:—The


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