9:20 am. I was at the gas pump, doing one of my most hated chores: filling up the tank. I glanced up, and saw the outline of a massive cruise ship, like a floating white apartment tower. The ship was so close I could clearly see the travellors, standing against the rails on the roof of the apartment building. A huge booming sound filled the air, as the ship honked and moved slowly on. A blog post began to take shape in my mind… harbours… oceans… port cities… living in Halifax… cruise ships… Brideshead Revisited… luxury travel… the Atlantic…   I even contemplated taking a photo of the cruise ship and using it to adorn my post, until I remembered I was late for work and had changed my cellphone and wasn’t sure how to upload photos with the new one yet. The tank was filled, I leapt back on my trusty steed. The radio DJ was blabbing on and on, as they do, voice burbling with enthusiam.

“…And right from my window, I can see this INCREDIBLE cruise ship…WOW…what a SIGHT… had to take a photo couldn’t resist it folks,  and it’s up on our facebook page… you can catch us there with a ton of other photos of our FANTASTIC team and this FANTASTIC CITY we’re living in… here it goes…”

Bitter grimace. Shoot me now.


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