Mothers mingle in the school summer fair. Children rush through games and candy stalls and bouncy castles. Mothers chit-chat, trying to control the children without looking as if they are trying too hard.

Iranian Mother: “Oh I am SOOOOO pleeeeeeaaased to see you. Hooooow nice to seee you! How are you? And your husband? and your family? Why isn’t the golden boy playing on the bouncy castle? Hello Golden Boy! Why don’t you go and play on the bouncy castle? Look, “Hussein” is there! He’s playing in the bouncy castle! Why doesn’t he want to play on the bouncy castle, Thenewcomer Mother? Is he afraid of bouncy castles? Maybe he had a bad experience in a bouncy castle once? Golden Boy, why don’t you like  to play in the bouncy castle with “Hussein”? Don’t you ever take him on bouncy castles, Thenewcomer Mother? Oh look- there are the other Iranian mothers. Do you know them? Let’s all talk together!”

Canadian Mother: “Oh! Hi! Isn’t it a lovely day? Nice to see the kids having so much fun. OK, I must go now. Bye, see you later. ”



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