As if dressing for school wasn’t complicated enough, yesterday was declared “Crazy Hair Day” at school. (sorry, I promised myself I won’t indulge in cheap and obvious and not-clever contrasts with Iranian schools, and I am almost managing it).

So, as fashionistas and stylists since time immemorial know, creating a crazy hair look is actually difficult and requires time AND money (one set of 50 coloured hair bands, one tube of super sticky “gotabglued hair gel- $10). The princess had set the alarm clock for 6:00 am, ensuring we got up with plenty of time to make the required fifty different-sized ponytails. She shook me and I did manage to open my eyes, long enough to tell her that it was too dark to see and promise that I can make the look in half an hour, if she will just let me sleep another hour.

And I did. Here are the fruits of my labours:

The artistic background is entirely coincidental


Yes. I had a lot of fun doing this.



  1. FoXy

    Maloome ke face e bacheha

  2. thenewcomer

    Plenty of momblogs show pics of their kids. You shouldn’t let your actions be censored b/c of some looming paranoia fear of pedophiles.

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