Of course, the kids of rich people are rich, and life is unfair, and if your Daddy is a famous musician or a famous film-maker or a famous factory owner, then you too, will bathe in some of that reflected glory. Such is life. Always has been. Look at all the countries who had monarchies throughout history. Rich Important Daddy=Rich Important Child.  

As attractive as meat without salt

But there the equation ends.

That is, unlike wealth, the artistic genes cannot be passed on from father to child. Artistic Talented Genius Daddy =/ Artistic Talented  Genius Child. Sorry about it, but oh so true. Enjoy the wealth and fame, but do not pretend that you have Talent and Beauty (you do not) and that you too, are an Important Artist, like Daddy (you are not). Just concentrate on having a fun time, but have the humility to accept that you are doing what you are doing because of Daddy. If it hadn’t been for him, you would have had as much chance as getting in the movies as, as, well, any ordinary, pretty-ish girl walking down the street. You are so not movie-material, by yourself. But you have the right surnames. And so you got in.

Yes. We get it. You’re Very Mysterious, Very Talented, Very Sexy.
 And you look a lot like Steve Tyler, too.

And what is with this gentle sorrow? What’s your problem? What’s with the forlorn half-smiles? The wistful, faraway looks? Do you feel misunderstood, Poor Little Rich Girl? Are you frustrated by People Not Understandng You? They just Don’t Get It, do they? Even with all your wonderfully artistic performances, all those films, all the times you cried and screamed and waved your arms at the camera (you know, Acting?)- still, still, people think of you as your Daddy’s daughter. I know. Life can be so hard, so cruel, so unfair. People simply refuse to look past Daddy and see the Real You, The Real Wonderful Beautiful Artistic You.

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  1. thenewcomer

    This post has been bubbling in my mind ever since, about 14 years ago, I watched the film “Leila”, starring leila hatamin the title role. While others babbled about women’s rights and second marriages blah blah, I was just shocked by the sheer pretentiousness and i-am-such-an-actress quality of her performance. Well, at least I finally got it off my mind.

  2. FoXy

    =)) this was great reallyyyy… but i’m also amazed by the number of ppl who adore them and find them Beautiful Wonderful Artistic. People buy whatever media feeds them, u know.

  3. thenewcomer

    So true.

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  5. sara

    I dont know about this Liv Tyler girl and I really dont have any special interest for Leila but I do feel that you are… I dont know jealous? or at least unfair about Leila. yes his father was one of the greatest artists (in Iran ofcourse) and yes artistic genes are not necessarily pass from a parent to his/her child BUT it just doesnt mean that she cant be a good actress. it’s alright if you dont like her but I really sensed animosity in this post as if sth personal bothered you for a very long time and you just wanted it out.

    • thenewcomer

      I’m jealous of talent. I’m jealous of great artists, of actresses and novelists and directors. I’m jealous of Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes, of Sophia Loren’s body, of Marlene Dietrich’s voice. Of Iris Murdoch’s novels, of Muriel Spark and Elizabeth Bowen.

      Leila hatami? Sorry, she doesn’t even hit the radar. I’m just annoyed by her, and by her non-talent.

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