“The Best Day Of My Life”

It wasn’t the day she fell in love, found a steady  boyfriend or moved in with him.

It wasn’t the day she graduated with her Master’s from Dalhousie University.

It wasn’t the day she found a job.

It wasn’t the day when they got pets.

It was the day she saw Metallica perform live, in Ottawa, ten years ago, when she was still at high school.

Ten years on, and that was the best day of her life, she says.

I know the feeling.



  1. You yourself are not that much in to metallica, right?

    • thenewcomer

      ??? Where did you get that idea from???

      Although you are right, I am not “into” them the same way as for GnR, but they have put out some of my favourites, no denying.

      The point of the post was the burning impression that these master-entertainers leave in your mind. As James Hetfield would say “The Memory Remains”.

  2. FoXy

    Wowww this is such a true point -well except that I would replace these truck drivers with a nicer band-

    On the whole I love the attitude of this girl! :)) Same as mine n urs 😉

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