Two families trooped into the elevator in our building.

Their dad was holding a snowy, wet snowboard. Ours was holding a coffee cup.

Their mum was wearing plasticy water-proof clothes- boots and pants and jacket. I was holding a Starbuck’s chocolate-chip bannana cake. (It was low-fat though, to be fair)

They had been sledding, obviously. Their faces were flushed with cold and snow and ice. We had been amusing oursleves at Starbucks. I had tried a butter tart- really nice. My children had had vanilla cupcakes with whipped cream. The golden boy hadn’t liked the whipped cream so the princess had licked it off for him, leaving him the plain cake, which he loved.

They had been healthy, doing healthy physical outdoor Canadian things. We had been doing unhealthy indoor immigranty things.

Their child was wet through and through, and crying miserably. Our children were warm and dry and sugar-high and happy.



  1. Too funny. I’d be the one in Starbucks drinking coffee and eating things I shouldn’t.

  2. FoXy

    You gotta write more about ur kids! They’re so fun n cool!
    I love the part where the princess licked the cream off golden boy’s cake n he loved it!

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