Food blogs. The much-loathed mommy blogs. Those fancy designer blogs with pretentious pictures of arty orange walls and cream-coloured coffee tables. Blogs dedicated to describing how much Jesus Christ has helped them out in the last few days (you’d be surprised). Those blogs which go on about how much they love life and love living and radiating positive energy and how wonderful everything is and look at the sunshine. Oh yes, and technology blogs. And celebrity blogs- those which just picture a celebrity and then proceed to laugh at their clothes or hair. Seriously, get a life. Once in a while is ok, but to devote a whole entire blog to it? A blog with nothing but celebrities and their clothes? How nothing is that?

I had been told before that if I focused my blog on one thing, I would attract more readers. Well, you already know my views on blogging for the sake of attracting readers, but apart from that, I would find it hard to concentrate my blog on one theme. So boring. So obssessive.

Yes, I am interested in food. And children. And society and media and culture. And the way different people do things differently. And clothes. And make-up (I just bought a beautiful make-up kit from Victoria Secret’s!!!! Life is so good!!!!). Books. Films. Parents. Familes. Axl Rose. Music. Life in general, I guess. If I was writing a book, or an academic article, or a thesis, sure I would concentrate on the given topic, as distracted as I do get by other themes. But this is just a blog, reflecting part of the organized chaos. If I was that obssessed about a single topic that I could devote my whole blog to it, then I would become a professional at it, and dedicate my life to that singleness. And I would rise above blogging about it.

So there you have it. Not being interested enough in any one single thing, to the exclusion of all others, means I’m not particularly good at anything either.

Except blogging, of course. I’m a good blogger.



  1. FoXy

    I loved this! :*

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