Who are these guys?

Do you know them? No, I didn’t either, until recently. Just a bunch of elderly, balding white guys with expanding waist-sizes and a boring fashion sense. Bruce Willis wannabbes. Black with sunglasses?  Are they trying to channel P. Diddy, or what? Denim jackets? Yuk.

Wrong wrong wrong. Judging a book by its covers, as usual. These guys  have made some of the most beautiful rock music ever. Ever, I say. Ever listened to Astronomy? With Metallica roaring and  screaming his lungs out at you? Well, these guys did it first. And the lyrics were actually specifically written for them. Ever heard The Reaper? Yep. The same. Before a pretend Finnish goth fairy with too many tatoos and too much eyeliner swiped it. And the list goes on.

 So the question arises- why not “Blue Oyster Cult”? Why Metallica, why Aerosmith, why Guns’n’ Roses, but why not Blue Oyster? Why incredible globe-spanning fame and fortune for one, and not for the other- all other things more or less equal as as regards talents and musical ability? Critics and musicians pay tribute the musical  prowess of the Blue Oyster Cult, but not masses.

Is it their (slightly stupid, let us say) name? The fact that they are not, shall we put this kindly, as photogenic as Axl Rose or James Hetfield? That they look just ordinary? Not like rock stars are supposed to look? Perhaps they just didn’t have good managers? Or because they don’t go in for the kind headline-making antics and stunts favoured by so many other stars? They just stand there and sing and play the guitar- boring. Who wants to hear about that? If you don’t set the stage on fire, or have a few of the crowd killed underfoot at  your concert, then you’re not in the game, man.

But fear not, valiant, unfamous Blue Oyster Cult. Thenewcomer has now heard of you. So perhaps you are as well-known as Axl and Mick and James and the rest of the crowd, except you don’t know it.

pic from: http://www.paradiseartists.com/artists/blue_oyster_cult/splash.jpg



  1. FoXy


    Seriously you can publish this in Rolling Stone magazine or sth.

  2. FoXy

    BTW the second guy from the right is not a bad thing to look at. He actually looks handsome. 😀

  3. The one who looks a bit woman-ish?

  4. I thought the same as you. After hearing astronomy and diggin its original, I started listening to BOC. I got a lot of their of their albums, but guess what, they were trash. Then I got their “best of”, which spanned their half a century career. That was better, but again only those 2 songs that you mentioned stick to mind. So I guess its not necessarily looks or the rockstar personality or whatever. You have to have a radio friendly hit single every few years. The prominent example is CCR (creedance clearwater revival). they had a series of hit singles in the 60s and 70s and you hear them up to this day on the radio.

    • thenewcomer

      Did you listen to “The Bullet hits the Bone”? Interestingly enough, 899 plays it pretty regularly (that’s how i discovered it), so EVEN THOUGH they’re on the air, they’re still not OMG famous.

      It’s a beautiful song, btw.

  5. FoXy, we will rot in our mediocre lives and you’re still bragging about the wasted talent and so on.

  6. but seriously, these guys should head to a gym straight away 😀
    And interestingly, they look so happy n content in the pic!

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