The rich handsome funny lawyer who’s begging her? Or the rich handsome nice architect who’s begging her?

“It’s Complicated” is the kind of film which might be written off as harmless fun entertainment by some, but which could easily make others grab the nearest available plane and crash it into the nearest American tower.

While the film is ostensibly about the tough life choices and decisions facing wonderful divorced fifty-something supermom Meryl Streep, and while you are supposed to applaud her hard-working drive! her devotion to her children! her decency! in actual fact, it leaves you slack-jawed and bemused at the wonderful perfect life which rich white American people live, and which you and your family can never, ever, have.

Where to start? Meryl Streep (her name in the film never registers- she is really playing it as herself, as Meryl Streep) owns her own restaurant, is a wonderful cook, can make fudge cake, has three gorgeous perfect blonde children, her eldest beautiful daughter is engaged to a perfect devoted handsome fiance, wears stunning dresses and shoes while staying in expensive New York hotels, has an amazing one night stand with a funny lawyer guy who falls in love with her, has a beautiful house with an incredible view over the ocean, which she’s planning to upgrade with an architect who falls in love with her, … oh, yes, she’s sad.  Ten years ago her husband cheated on her and then left her (for a brunette, btw. Just saying). Oh, and she has a circle of amazing supportive loving white blonde friends slightly less attractive than her, who drink expensive wine and delicious food with her and tell her how wonderful she is.

But it’s not enough. She doesn’t have a steady man-partner. And so she’s is sad.

But never mind! You are a rich white woman who deserves everything, but everything this life can offer, so look, he’s back, the husband is back, begging on his knees for you to let him come back into your life, so what do you do?  Duh, you have amazing seks with him, of course! And then you flirt with the nice sweet architect and go on planning your fabulous kitchen and the bedroom with a view over the ocean… This woman’s life is so perfect that when she smokes a joint at her daughter’s party, she doesn’t embarrass herself and everybody round her (which would definitely happen, indeed has happened, in our crappy little third world family lives, where consequences of smoking a joint at grandma’s place reach even unto the third generation with family feuds going on and on, across oceans and continenets), but laughs and dances and has fun. She is the perfect human: the rich white blonde American woman, with high cheekbones as round and perfect as a pair of ping-pong balls. And she is so brave!!!! Did I mention how brave she is? For being a Hollywood film and getting a wad of money even though she is old and has sagging eyelids? This film doesn’t celebrate aging women blah blah blah, it merely shows that if you are rich, white, blonde and American, even aging doesn’t stop you from having a fantastic life.

From another angle, the film confirms what I knew all along: if you have children with a guy, you simply can’t him out of your life. He’s stuck in there like a leech. And this seems to be true of aging kind rich American women as well as angry poor immigrant Iranian women.


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  1. FoXy

    I love you. And your criticism.


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