When “Fatima” started school, three years ago, she couldn’t speak any English.

Now, she still seems barely able to utter a single word.

“Fatima” has no friends. Her mom invites children over on playdates, and calls other moms to send “Fatima” to their houses. All that happens is that the other children play amongst themselves, totally and magically excluding “Fatima”.

During recess, “Fatima” sits by herself under the slides.

“Fatima” has dark skin, buck teeth (the kind which stick out beneath the upper lip), frizzy black hair, and sad bewildered eyes.

And recently, everybody learned that “Fatima” is the heaviest  girl in class, weighing 94 pounds.

How was this bitter secret out?

In order to teach the children about pounds and weights, “Mrs. Smith” had the bright idea of bringing scales to class and have everybody weigh themselves and write it down. What a mistake. Within minutes, everybody was “passing around” “Fatima”‘s terrible weight, and laughing about it.

The princess, after describing this horrible scenario which will doubtless cause “Fatima” severe eating disorders in the near future, (if she actually doesn’t commit suicide first) added self-righteously :”But I didn’t Mom! I didn’t “pass it on”! Even though “Mary Jane” told me to!” 

Poor Fatima. Life will not get any easier for her, I predict. Children are savage with their sheer cruelty and viciousness, and they don’t grow better as they grow older, they just learn to conceal it. Even asking the princess to make sure she behaves nicely to “Fatima”, and never, ever mock her feels futile and pointless.

Poor Fatima.


One comment

  1. FoXy

    POOR FATIMA. Maybe the teachers should do sth about it?!

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