Ok, I know there must be some nice, intelligent, tolerant, considerate Americans out there, indeed, I think I actually know one or two. But they must be well-concealed in the general mind-numbing crowds of bullies, fanatics, idiots, and basically nasty people which come across as being the majority of Americans who have access to internet. In fact, the educators of the Islamic Republic would do well to have the young tender future hopes of Iran to browse the major American websites for half an hour every morning. This would guarantee to develop a fervent hatred of America and Americans, instead of having them chant “Death to America” 50 times, which so far has had the exact opposite effect.

Once upon a time,  last week, there was an American mum who let her young pre-schooler son dress up as a girl character for Halloween and go to preschool. (btw, I should add, a CHRISTIAN preschool. yes. CHRISTIAN.)

A couple of other moms gave the girl-dressing boy and his mom nasty looks, and made some snide comments, on the lines of “aren’t you afraid he’s gonna grow up gay if you let him dress as a girl?”

The first mom was so offended by the christian behaviour of the other moms, that she wrote a blog post about it, and narrated how bravely she told the other moms to back off, and her darling boy was free to dress as whatever he wanted. A real true American, you see.

The mom blogger became a strong heroine of independence. Her original blog was quoted in other, major news websites, along the lines of see what a wonderful brave mummy she is! Meanwhile, a huge chorus of incredibly nasty comments continued on the original blog post and wherever it later appeared, along the general lines of “you and your son are both going to HELL because you let him dress as a GIRL, and  he is going to be GAY!”  

Meanwhile, in Halifax, Canada, a certain little golden boy goes to a secular preschool. Another little boy there loves dressing up as a girl ballerina, complete with a sparkly tutu. End of story.



  1. FoXy

    Haa? What’s the point? I too believe the son-dressed-as-a-girl mom was cool and open-minded n the others who were critisizing her n her child with “hell & gay” r a bunch of backward savages. Having said all this, I gotta say I myself hate America and its system -esp its bloody Capitalism- and its hunger for war n oil.

    • lotus

      You are a little too quick to generalize and judge people. Your behavior, unfortunately, is not much consistent with the open-mindedness that you talk about.

      Instead of judging people, try to understand why they do what they do, and learn, this will be a much more pleasant life for you.

      You clearly do not know much about Americans, and maybe not much about Canadians either, this is a very common trap to fall into ….

      • thenewcomer

        As I say, I only know about americans what comes through the media, which is unfortunately not quite flattering. I am judging the media representation of this story, not the actual people involved, whom I don’t know, obviously. And I am contrasting it with the media non-representation of a similar story in my local daycare. Fortunately, I do not need anybody’s permission to do so.

        To be open-minded does not mean to uncritically accept any crap which comes across your way. This is a common mistake of many muddy-minded people .

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