So there was a blog post featured on the WordPress home site yesterday, with tips on how to blog better. It assumed that good blogging means attracting a lot of readers, and accordingly, the tips were on how to “improve” the number of views your blog receives.

Actually, the main tip was not to put “Pamela Anderson underwear” in your key words, though I have read that even “serious” (ie Guardian) journalists do that in an effort to fiddle with their viewing numbers. However, the advice was based on the notion that readers are dumb, with short concentrations spans, therefore, do not write long posts, break it up into bullet points, use pictures, be controversial sometimes, that kind of thing.

Once more, I found myself questioning the whole notion of blogging. Why do we blog? For myself, I used to keep a diary since I was ten, regularly writing pages and pages on important issues such as maths homework, school friendships, the incredible tedium of family gatherings, the death of my goldfish, the birth of my sister… Blogging is merely an extension of that. I do not write in the hope (or even wish) of attracting crowds and crowds of readers. Although of course I don’t deny there is a certain pleasure in being read, that is quite secondary to the actual pleasure of writing. And while some bloggers speak joyfully of the amazing networks of supportive wonderful loving friends they have found through blogging, I merely seem to have found a lot of police.

No, unfortunately, not these Police.

So gentle Reader, if you can’t understand the words I’m using, or find my posts too long and tedious, or the subject too non-controversial, with too few pictures, well, go look at a picture book with easy words, about the cat in the hat. Because I am not going to change the style of my blog for you.



  1. FoXy

    :)))) polico khub umadi

  2. oh, an ultimatum! who is the protester, isn’t he aware of your hooligan fans like me?
    I think blogging is about being read, let me ask you a question, when you are writing a post who do you think you are talking to? yourself or someone else?

    • thenewcomer

      Read the comments on any of my posts which contains some negative reference to r.e.l.i.g.i.o.n, and you will come across the “Amerin-e be maaroof” va “Nahiyan-e az monkar”. So so sickening. These people are really policing the blogs.

      As for whom I’m talking to, it depends. Sometimes to myslef, sometimes to my sister and/or brother, sometimes to the world at large, sometimes to particular artcile which has triggered my post.

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