This one reminds me of painting Picasso's Harlequin and His Girlfriend. A copy of that hangs on my sister's wall in Tehran. It's about us, as well.

This a poster directed at anti-abortion activists. I wonder what she's holding?

I like reading word-fragments while waiting for the lights to change at crossroads. Non-advertising word-fragments.

These pictures are taken from on the five-minute walk from my kids’ school to downtown. They show why Halifax is a cool city. Not because of the restaurants. (Not all that great, to be frank) Not because of the ocean (really cold and scary). Not because of the living cost (bitter smile). But just because of stuff, which you see, around,…



  1. thenewcomer

    The caption beneath the last photo reads “IT WAS NEVER ABOUT THE FOETUS, WAS IT?” Unfortunately my cellphone and photogrpahy skilld could not capture all of this poster.

  2. FoXy

    I didn get this post.

  3. FoXy

    Cool post now 😉

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