Blogging, by nature, is something of a second-rate activity. If you love cooking, you cook; if you love photography, you photograph; if you’re into current events, you read proper newspapers; if you love reading, well, then you’re reading. Ditto, if you’re a good mom, you’re not blogging about how much you hate getting child snot on your clothes. You’re busy making home-made cookies with organic chocolate in your sparkling house. And if you’re a political activist, you would be in prison. Or whatever it is that political activists do when they’re not in prison (I actually don’t have a clue).

You get the point. A true enthusiast in any field or activity would be out there, doing their thing. Not blogging about it. They wouldn’t have time.

Bloggers like to talk. To you, or inside their head, it’s all good. What distinguishes a blogger from the ordinary man-in-the-street is not that they’re actually doing anything worthwhile, or that they’re better informed, but the fact that they have an opinion, and they’re willing to talk about it. They’re ready to put their opinion out there. They see a movie, and they want to talk about how *they* feel about it (note that a blog movie review is different in that sense from a “real” professional movie review, which (is supposed to) analyse the move artistically, tell us whether it works or not). And they don’t just talk about it, they feel their opinion is important enought to be typed out and uploaded on the internet, for all to see.

That is why bloggers annoy and infuriate non-bloggers. Not because they know anything better or more than anyone else, but just because of their willingness to type up and upload what they do know. Because they are opinionated, and they think their opinions are worth putting out there.

And that is why bloggers are not only infuriating, but also frightening. How else to explain why the huge state newspaper of a huge powerful state should bother to read and respond and insult and slander one tiny unknown anonymous blogger living in somewhere in Canada? If one had read or heard of such a occurence, one could have simply shrugged it off as conspiracy paranoia. But no. It’s not paranoia. It actually happened. They read blogs, and if They don’t like what They read, They react, furiously.

Their message is clear. No thought or idea contrary to what They Want should be expressed. Not in the newspapers. Not in books. Not in the TV. And not in blogs.  Nowhere.



  1. FoXy

    That’s called dictatorship 😦

  2. Hey there
    As much as I hate the cliche’ of “I have been a silent reader for a while and now I am coming to the lime light” I’m stuck in it now. Let’s cut it short, is “Teng” ok? Why/what/who are you mourning for? Is there anything that we can help you with?

  3. Well … I found his new blog :->
    That mourning thing up there and your post freaked the hell outta me. Anyways although it IS always sad to see someone moving their blog, I am happy that he is alive and kicking.

  4. saimin

    okay! so?! i mean whats your point here and why is foxy so passionate up there?!

  5. Now that he’s moved the blog, wouldn’t his title be an oxymoron?

  6. Salam,
    To some extent I will agree that bloggers blog because they have something to talk about or to share, I am not an expert/pro of blogging I am a learner and I see this from the point of view of getting to know more people through this “blogging”. I started as a marketer (novice) but I am happy that I know two people around the internet to whom I never met and I can have actually a real view of different cultures.

    You from Iran, I am Pakistan and we can blog about our country and culture to give the inside view of What actually we are.

    I will take blogging as an opportunity to learn, to meet, to understand and to portray ourselves.

    This what I think.

  7. Thank you for your post. I think that blogs can serve a range of needs, some of which are worthwhile hanging up the apron and taking the time to blog about.

    It can serve a social need and it can be a way of helping others fulfill their needs.

    There is a certain poetic beauty to connecting with others and creating communities around a shared interest that spans across cultures.

  8. That is the basic concept of blogging, people who have opinions and want them heard. But it doesn’t go a long way unless you have a passion or love for what you have an opinion on. So, the same people you were talking about in the beginning, if they love cooking or photography, and they are true enthusiasts, they may have a strong opinion on what they actually do. Do ya get what I’m saying?

    • thenewcomer

      Ya, I do.

      They (true enthusiasts) will have opinions, of course. Even a third-rate mom-cook like myself has extremely strong opinions on cooking. But they won’t necessarily be blogging about it- they’ll be too busy cooking, while screaming their opinions at their minions. Or whatever.

      I think the only real enthusiasm or passion you need to continue blogging is a passion for blogging itself.

  9. Great post – not to forget that blogging has been portrayed as unnecessary because most people can use standardised platforms like Facebook to ‘talk about what they’re thinking’.

    The established media don’t like independent blogs, mostly to do with the massive egos at work within, I’ve met a few here in the UK. They feel threatened, especially when ridiculed.

  10. Hey all you Bloggers. if you want a different platform/audience to use you are welcome to post your blogs on my site. It is all free to join and you can chose whether you want to post blogs articles of forums.

  11. The united blogosphere against Trumpism, neo-colonialism & political hypocrazy. Help to defend liberal values and rule of justice, resist hate, defend the democratic media.

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