Once upon a time, there were two sisters who lived in two different cities, far away from each other. They were called Roundeyes and Longnose.

Every so often, they would manage to visit each other, and during these visits, they would check out each others’ clothes, make-up, jewellry and accessories, like all sisters around the world.

In Roundeyes’ city, extremely large hairclips had become fashionable, and Roundeyes in fact owned one of these hairclips, a huge black rose slightly smaller than a volleyball, with black feathers dangling from it.  Longnose had been horrified by it when she first saw it, but as the visit drew to a close, a terrible lust to have that volleyball hairclips and attach it to her head grew in her heart. A few days before she returned to her own city, she said casually to Roundeyes:

-Do you want me to take that monstrosity off your hands and take it with me?

Roundeyes however was as clever as a fox, and she replied:

-No way! I spent hours in Tajrish finding this!

Longnose said: “OK then, I’ll go to Tajrish and buy one for myself.”

Rouneyes, giggling to herself for a cunning plan had come to her the moment she saw the glint in her sister’s eyes, replied: “No way you can find one as chic as this- all of them have gold beads and sparkles and red tassles on them.”

There was a moment’s silence. Longnose pretended to read one of her childhood books lying on the bed, while Roundeyes fiddled with the stuff on her dressing table. Suddenly she said: “I’ll trade for something.”

Longnose was surprised. “What do you want?”

-“Your Yves Rocher cleansing pads.” And she fingered the yellow package of wipes which Longnose had specially bought for the long journey.

Longnose shrugged. “I only use those wipes when I’m travelling.”

-“OK, then give them to me.”

And so the trade took place, to mutual satisfaction. And this story explains why you can see a small Iranian woman with a what looks like a black volleyball on her head, walking around a small university campus on the east coast of Canada.



  1. FoXy

    I laughed so hard at this post that I almost peed in my pants 😀 … u know u should write more about me 😀

  2. thenewcomer

    I actually liked it myself, I keep rereading it- but looks like no one else has been struck by the extreme artistic and literary merit of this post.

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