The eyes are heavily made up, with lots of thick eye-liner and so on. Plenty of orangy-yellow coloured hair flowing out of the front and back of scarves- nothing new here. Chalky-pink lips. Manteaux are medium and mostly dark, none of the bright flourescent pink and green colours which flashed through the city a couple of years back. The designs are elaborate with ribbons and buttons fluttering in unexpected places.

What is new, however, from eight months ago, is this stupid little upside-down bowl which so many girls have put on their heads, underneath the loose  scarves.

I really don’t get the bowl. It is too big and neat to be a chignon, and it is positioned right on the top of the head. I don’t have a clue what it is- none of my friends and family wear one, and I can’t go up to a complete stranger and ask “excuse me, what is that on your head, under your scarf? And why?” It is not particularly attractive, as it focuses the attention on the head, making it appear larger and more imposing.  How does it stay in one place? How is it fixed to the hair and/or head? So many questions! So few answers!

Dear reader, in case you are in the habit of affixing a large inverted bowl on your head and covering it with a large scarf when going out, please provide some answers.


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