My early morning dose of cuteness:

-Look mummy! Look! I’ve made a horse!

The golden boy waves a crude replica of a horse made with colurful building blocks in my face. Bathed in mother-love, the object really does look like horse.

-I’m gonna sit on it, and you’re gonna sit behind me, and we’re going to go to Iran on it! And visit (k)haleh and…

The princess screams: “And me! I’m gonna sit on the horse and come to Iran TOO!”

-“No! You’re gonna come by airplane! me and mummy are gonna come on my horse!”

The princess starts really crying. “No! I don’t wanna go alone on the airplane! I wanna ride on the horse!”

-Princess! it’s only a game! you’re not going alone, we’re all going on the airplane!

The golden boy, as soft-hearted as ever, relents at the sight of his sister’s tears. “OK, you can come on the horse to. You sit at the back. I’M GONNA DRIVE THE HORSE, OK?”

However, there are still details to be solved: “No! I dont wanna sit behind mummy- I won’t be able to see anything! You can drive the horse, but I’m sitting behind you, OK?”

The discussion continues. The horse falls by the breakfast table. Clever horse, taking the newcomer family across oceans and continents to see their loved ones.  Only a few more days.


  1. Hi Newcomer,
    can you leave your email address for me? I would like to send you an email. thnx.

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