1st hour: At The Beauty Salon. Ferocious nail polishing, choosing and discussing from over 20 different shades, including the summer’s hot colour: green.

2nd hour: Fashion Show. Two girls are models,  the third is cameraman (using my cellphone) and stylist. The princess models a strapless grey and silver top, grey leggings, and my Montreal platforms. The stylist calls out “Love the camera darling! Move your hips! Pause when you reach the end of the corridor! Love the camera darling!” I console myself, thinking if they get it out of their system now, by the time they’re 18 they’re ready to focus on university and studies.

3rd hour: Movie hour and Lord of the Rings (cartoon version, Thank God).

I manage to get rid of them by the fourth hour.



  1. teng

    I think when shes 18, university degrees are a thing of the past… so dont think about it too much 😀

  2. FoXy

    Seriously Green?!!!

    Plz don’t paint ur nails Green, that’s just soooo… pointless.

  3. thenewcomer

    Seriously green. i haven’t done so yet, but I am seriously thinking about it.

  4. I did it and loved it, add a white flower to it and it will make your day.

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