Yes indeed Dr. In fact, I can’t think why they don’t give you a Nobel prize right now. Obviously an oversight. Oh my Gud you are so busy! Such a busy person! How important and busy you are! Of course, we are not busy at all. Not at all. And how terrible that your article was overlooked. Such a stunning piece of research… look, I know and you know that you’re a prof at a small university in a small town by the ocean, which nobody has ever heard of, you’re lucky to have this position, and if you’re even more lucky, and work until your eyes burn out, they may even keep you here for the rest of your life. So what is all this dick-swinging for?

Naturally, I do not mean to imply that people walking around with egos reaching up to the clouds are only to be found at universities, though certainly this seems to be a particuarly fertile ground for them. I understand some very nasty specimens can be found in the world of business, where you need a bucket handy to be able to converse for more than two minutes with the richer ones. And yet, you would think in the world of academia, where you are routinely in touch with truly original works of great genius and knowledge, people would have some modesty and humility.

Obviously not. When- was it Saadi? or Avicenna? anyway, one of those stars of the Iranian sky whose works we were force-fed at school remarked that “the more fruit a tree has, the lower its branches hang” and “the musk smells sweet in itself, it does not need the seller to speak of its scent“, he was thinking of these nice little profs, strutting around campus explaining to anyone who will listen how important and busy they are. 

*With apologies to the truly sweet and lovely profs that I have the privilege of working with- this post is written with only Some People in mind.



  1. teng

    All of them have inferiority complex

  2. FoXy

    EXACTLY! Most profs r like that. They feel they’re just sooo different than the rest of the stupid world. And different in a good superior way. I’ve only seen a few modest ones.

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