A Good Mother should have a Superstore in her bag. Cookies, sandwiches, nuts, cough drops, napkins, an extra set of clothes, water bottle… yes… she should carry all this around, and indeed I have known mothers, and grandmothers, who were able to bring out any of these items, and much more, out of their vast dark cavernous bags, smelling of dust, death, and broken hearts.

Me, I fail. If I can remember to take the car keys off the car door, I am happy. I check paranoidly for my wallet, which contains my driving license and my bank cards- without them, I could be imprisoned, or starve. I check for my house keys and car keys. And I check for my cellphone(s)- connection with the Outer World. Anything else is beyond my skills.

Nevertheless, I am always hopeful, I believe I can and will improve. It was with such thoughts in mind that I put away two cheap chocolate cookies in a plastic bag, prior to visiting my favourite coffeeshop on Sunday morning. The plan was, I would have a cafe au lait, and the golden boy would have the cheap chocolate cookie from the bag, and I would save the expense of a fancy cookie from a fancy coffeeshop.

Ha! Planning on water, as they say in farsi. The golden boy looked with kindly contempt at the small ugly bag-cookie I offered him. “No” he explained patiently. “I want a coffee-shot cookie”.

So much for forward thinking and trying to save. I should concentrate on earning money, and let the children spend it for me. Less waste of brain power.


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  1. FoXy

    :)) best post ever!

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