Thenewcomer princess, who is not even a Canadian citizen, won a Good Citizen award at school. Through some mysterious process, it was determined that she and two other kids were Good Citizens. A local policewoman called out their names at school assembley, and gave them each a certificate and a white teddy bear. Which symbolizes Good Citizenship.

I learned all this within two minutes of picking her up in the afternoon. Then we went and got the golden boy.

-Look! Look at my prize!

The golden boy leaped forward  across the building lobby like a white leopard and grabbed the white Citizenship bear. “Give it to me!” he shrieked ‘I want one!”

“No!” screamed the Good Citizen. “It’s mine! My prize!” 

Within seconds, the princess and the golden boy were locked in deadly battle over ownership of the bear.

-“You’re supposed to be a Good Citizen! You’re supposed to share!” No use. The battle rages on, and I wish the Citizenship bear dead with an arrow in its stupid furry throat. It lies on the floor, grinning smugly at me.

I wonder whether Walmart sells Good Citizen bears.


One comment

  1. it shows that a good citizen is not permanently good, every body could alter specially when we are talking about valuable possessions

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