Below are the famous platforms from Montreal. Above are my favourite shoes from downtown Tehran, 1998 (or 1999?)  into which I continue to squeeze my expanded feet. I think I had better taste then, or perhaps they just made nicer shoes?



  1. FoXy

    Oh myyyyyyyy, your Montreal shoes are totally hot stufff!

  2. thenewcomer

    So I see the stuff about wordpress being philtered is a conspiracy paranoia, to-ham to-te-eh, as usual???

    The shoes are not as comfortable as I would like though.

  3. FoXy

    na baba vaghean philtere. I’m using philter-shekan all the time; can’t live without it.

    Thinking bout it, those shoes only go with a golden little disco dress, don’t they?

  4. thenewcomer

    It’s true I am having a little bt of difficulty matching them, esp. as I don’t have a gold disco dress. they look good with skinny jeans (which Fred bought me)

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