The following is translation of a recent entry in the Iranian blog:


I have translated and posted it here with the permission of the author.

Yesterday I received word from Cheshmeh Publications that the Ministry of Guidance has not issued the release permit for the fifth reprint of my novel Ruined, You Arrived.  The release permit, which  allows a book to be released from the printing house, is pending another inspection.  Every book not only needs a publishing permit from the Ministry of Guidance, which allows it to be printed, but needs a further release permit, which allows the printed copies to be released for distribution from the printing house. Naturally, my novel Ruined, You Arrive had a publishing permit and had even been reprinted twice in the current government. Just like my novel The Vanished Half, which after 15 reprints had its publishing permit withdrawn, and its next reprint is pending another inspection.

The Ministry has not given me any comments about why they changed their mind, why they want to reinspect the books and what problems they have found in them.

The Dark Visage of Castles, pending inspection… On The Razor’s Edge, pending inspection…the publishing house told that they prefer to put a hold on printing my collected poems, until the situation for the release and distribution of these two other novels is clarified. They are right. There is apparently no connection between receiving a publishing permit and a release permit. The Ministry is putting a hold on books which they had previously permitted- do they have a personal problem with me? The publishers ask me- half-joking- what have you done?

But really, what are we doing?… With what or whom do they have a problem? The persons, the words, the concepts, or with our reputation?…



  1. teng

    I really feel sorry for Iranian writers and directors and the artists in general.
    practically speaking, the only profession that they know is more or less illegal. and their only option is cab driver… 😦


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