You wouldn’t think it, but there are in fact some very interesting debates going on in Canadian universities.

Leaf through a university newspaper, and here are the highlights of the debates currently occupying the minds of Canadian students:

-How enthusiatically should a girl consent to SEKS before a boy may have SEKS with her with no fear of the girl claiming rape afterwards?

This question came to the forefront after a very strange ad campaign across the university. With appropriate graphic images, the poster bore the following words:

No Means NO

Later means NO

I feel dizzy means NO

I don’t know means NO

The general idea was… you got it. Anyway, Canadian girl students found this poster humiliating, as it implied they couldn”t say clearly and strongly when they wanted SEKS and when they didn”t. So they are protesting. Meanwhile, rape charges are laid at the door of a young man who had SEKS with a young girl – apparently without her saying loudly enough or strongly enough that she wanted it. It is all very complicated and very very exciting.

-Concordia University refuses to pay the bill for the rent of a large prayer space for Muflim students at Concordia. They say it is too expensive, and the Muflim students can find their own space, or pray in a small cheap space (which becomes very “sweaty and nasty” during crowded Ramazan pray times). The Muflim students say the university can too pay the bill, and by not paying the bill, they are violating their human rights, and they are going to sue. My comments: 1-How can they afford a lawyer to sue? 2-There are whole vast areas of pray space in Tehran University- don’t the students want to consider the option of relocating there? 3- As far as I can remember from my religious studies class, you don’t need a vast pray space to say your prayers, you should do it anytime, anywhere. Where does it say that blasphemors should pay for your convenient prayer space?

I could go on. But these two examples are sufficient to demonstrate how diffferent the concerns of Canadian students are from their Iranian counterparts. And when it comes to Iranian-Canadian students, the difference becomes too much for their poor brains to digest, and so like mine, they tend to explode.


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  1. FoXy

    Haha I see IFLaam is a pain in the asssss even overseas!

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