It is Friday afternoon.

The office is empty except me…

Which can mean only one thing…

Listening to Chinese Democracy really really loud, replaying “Sorry”, “Better” and “I.R.S.” over and over again.

As you may have heard, these days I am only listening to Chinese Democracy anyway. But the thing is, I have to turn it really low, so that Axl’s furious wail comes across more like a pussy-cat meow than the “F… you, world” that it really is. After all, there are colleagues right and left. So not only do I have to turn it really low (I can’t do headphones- I have to answer phones and talk to other people- so annoying), I keep having to apologize as well… fortunately my colleagues are extremely polite, so even if they are been irritated beyond belief by the repeated evil noisy mutterings coming from desk, they are good at hiding it.

But now, by some miraculous chance , it’s just me. And very loud Axl Rose, the way it should be, barring a concert.

OK, listen to the see-saw sound of  “Better” one more time, then I’m off home to face the weekend.



  1. FoXy

    OMG u r soooooo obssessed with him!

    Worse than when I was 15…

  2. teng

    I think the GnR tshirt I gave Foxy was better suited for you!
    You want a poster of him?

  3. thenewcomer

    Look here, I like the MUSIC, OK????!!!

  4. FoXy

    Oh… you ADMIRE AXL… well n the music too…

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