The supporters of the poor unfortunate Iranian reformist presidential candidate were out in throngs on the streets of Halifax, and, so I hear, in Boston, Newfoundland and Dublin too, drinking as fast and as hard as they could, and all clad in green.

Seeing the girls cavorting in incredibly tight bright grass green miniskirts, with bright green shiny spangles in their hair and woven around their legs, the boys in funny bright grass green costumes (huge floppy hats! shiny green bowties!), it was impossible not to notice that the devotees of the Irish St. Patrick  favour the exact same colour as the reformist protestors, now gently pushed into the background on the Iranian scene. Or perhaps not. I don’t really know. I never really did.

An association which I can guess is lost on my native Canadian counterparts.

Times like this, and I think Canadian immigration policy-makers are stark raving mad. How can they ever hope to create a coherent, understanding, sympathetic society when the members have such wildly differing worldviews? These are not minor  differences I am talking about. These are huge gaping chasms. I see green clothing and think of blood and screams, you see green amd think of beer. I am not making a value judgement here- I envy you!  I wish our girls could wear tiny green tops and skirts and dance drunk in the evening dusk! What am I doing here anyway?!!

Happy St. Patrick’s day, Mr. Mousavi and Mrs. Rahdar. Why don’t you visit Halifax on St. Patrick’s day to see the true extent of your followers?



  1. teng

    I think you mean: Rahnavard


    • thenewcomer

      Whatevs! Just shows how much i don’t think of them. I possibly wouldn’t even remember his name if didn’t happen to be the most commin surname in Iran, as well as…

  2. Funny, this contrast is just like what your brother said in his last post about a cucumber and it’s extremely different appearences in two different minds.
    I personally think that this contrast is not very shocking to iranians, we are born in the land of contrasts. isn’t it?

  3. thenewcomer

    it is not shocking, but it is saddening, or amusing.
    why can’t we have a normal land? leave the contrasts for others…

  4. FoXy

    Hmmmm…. Vaghe’an saddening hast n it’s so unfair

  5. Queenie

    While green is not a colour that ‘belongs’ to any country, it has been associated with Ireland for a long time…. However, watching the drunken mayhem every year in Halifax from an Irish perspective is a little disconcerting.

    Why are all these people running around wearing green on my country’s national holiday? They are not Irish, they are Canadian!

    Why are they using my country’s national holiday as an excuse to get drunk? Are they saying all Irish people are drunks?

    And why Patty’s Day? It’s Patrick!!! V. weird…. I tend to just ignore it.

  6. thenewcomer

    “the Emerald isle”, right?

    i hope I can visit one day. i’ve read so much about it, and so much from Irish writers, too.

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