translated from the original farsi from the blog: http://measer-pear.blogspot.com/

Oh dear gentlemen,

Take me out

I have made myself pretty for you

Dyed my hair yellow, blue, red and brown

Like the women in television

Just look at me

Please, for God`s sake

Take me out buy me gifts in red heart-shaped boxes

diamonds roses furry bears chocolate

I have made my waist narrow for you, operated my breasts, injected my lips

I have made myself sexy for you

 Your stinky mouths your sweaty bodies the wedding band on your finger your ridiculous love-making are all OK

 Dear gentlemen,

Please dance with me

I have made myself look like the women on the billboards

Betray me, take a second wife, a temporary wife, a slave-girl

Only give me shelter

Let your shadow remain above my children’s head

A couple of kicks and blows never killed anybody

Dear gentlemen

Please let me stay, I have nowhere else to go

I will clean for you, cook for you, raise your children

I will listen to your drunken cries

Just be there for me, define me, give me meaning

I’ll be dumb, I’ll be cute, I’ll be sweet, I’ll be smart, I’ll be intellectual, I’ll read books, I’ll smoke, I’ll take off my chador, I’ll put on a chador

I’ll do whatever you ask me to do

Dear gentlemen

define me

take my hand, I am lost without you

I beg you, by this Valentine’s night…



  1. teng

    nice song
    i like both the farsi and english translations

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