I love Canada. I really do. OK, it’s too cold, it’s too far from Iran, and the food is awful. But you know what?

If you’re designing a publicity item for some sort of general public event, say a public lecture or seminar or something, you don’t put pictures of churches in your designs. I just learned that today.

Or any religious imagery.

And you know why?

It’s not because you actually think religion is a load of fish-eggs, it’s because you might hurt the sensitivities of people who are not of that religion, who might feel sorta left out and excluded.

All or nothing. You don’t use pictures of churches, unless you’re willing to go the whole nine yards and use pictures of synagogues, mosques, and White witch gatherings too. That’s how they do it here. PC, it’s called. Politically Correct.

And I love it.

Only someone who has had state-approved heavy mandatory religious education shoved down her throat for thirteen years can appreciate the beauty of the no-church rule. Because all religions are respected equally, it means none of them are respected very much at all. All of  them are politely pushed to the background. None of them are allowed to usurp centre stage.

Which is exactly as it should be.


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  1. Tameshk

    That was really good, you know, like really really good. :*

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