I have walked around more, and driven less.  In particular, I walked the huge distance between Saint Mary’s University and Dalhousie at least five times.

I have had less supper, trying to curtail my intake of food after 5:00 pm as drastically as possible.

I have joined a new gym class, and I have actually attend three sessions so far.

I have actually started writing up my thesis.

However, one New Year’s Resolution lies writhing in the dust. In the last days of January, my resolve to avoid cheap, glittery eye-shadow faded into black as I saw the new line of cheap glittery Maybelline eye-shadows, as beautiful as modern art-deco ceramic tiles. Four shiny little hexagonal tiles.  

There were several different colour palettes available, and choosing one was the hardest thing I had to do in a long time. I almost took one in glittery pink, purple and beige. Then I picked up another in glittery dark blue, light blue, white and black. There was another one: glittery gold, pale gold, dark gold. You get the idea. Eventually I settled for one with an emerald green, gold, cream and darker brown. Another $10 gone.

I haven’t actually tried it yet- it’s sitting on my make-up shelf (oh- another Resolution I kept – I instituted a make-shelf for myself out of the reach of the children, and threw out a whole lotta old stuff…), shimmering and glittering away. It is so pretty and shiny…

But I will keep the others, I promise.



  1. Hi there, interesting web site, just have something to ask you, what spam blocker software you use for cleaning up comments because I have been hit by so many spammers on my blog.

  2. thenewcomer

    Hi- wordpress has its own spam-blocker which is pretty effective.

  3. Tameshk

    I prefer matte eye shadow these days, they’re classier than glittery stuff, you know.

    And even with matte eye shadow I can never ever wear green or blue, I prefer to go with white, black, grey, purple. Let alone Glittery Emerald Green!

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