And Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty. And Snow-White, and Ariel the mermaid, and Belle. I miss their large gentle eyes, their sweet singing voices, their beautiful long swishy skirts, their politeness and courtesy, their willingness to do chores around the house.

OK, so there was a time, not so long ago, that I was irritated by their old-fashioned femininity and basic stupidness (even Belle, the supposedly intellectual, bookish beauty had a couple of glaring blind spots. I mean, you do not trust a talking teapot’s sense of style when it comes to dressing for a big night out.) I was worried that my daughter, obssessed with Disney princesses as she was, would grow up with unrealistic expectations and ideals in life, waiting for a non-existant prince-in-white-horse to come and sweep her off her feet.

But these days, as my little student apartment shakes and reverberates to the sound of Wonderwoman kicking ass with Superman, Catwoman kissing her enemies before knocking them out with a punch and stealing their valuables, Batgirl fighting side-by-side with Batman, well, I find myself missing the  soft voices and charming looks of the old princesses. I watch Wonderwoman deliver kicks and punches while dressed in a spangly little bikini, with her sharp outlines and angular face- she is a thousand times more unrealistic than Cinderella going to the ball, while the values she represents are basically same (women should be beautiful, and not too smart). I do not enjoy the supposedly sassy banter going on between Catwoman and Batman, who looks like a rectangle on legs wearing a black cape with pointy ears- I prefer the silent princes who were the fitting mates of those lovely long-haired princesses. If I didn’t think much of Sleeping Beauty as a role-model for my own princess (how many times was she told to not touch the needle?), well, I think a hundred times less of Catwoman and Batgirl (so unimaginative! so much more rigid in their stereotypes than brave Cinderella ever was!)

Unfortunately, the golden boy and princess do not consult me before developing an obssession for these characters. However, one only has to be patient, and this phase too will pass. I suppose I should be thankful we’re not on Twilight  and vampires yet.

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  1. My kids are stuck between both worlds. My daughter likes Superheros because of her brother but she keeps him entrenched in Princesses at the same time.

    I think I’ll be sad when the Princesses go – it will be as if they’re taking with them a little piece of my kids innocence.

    I’ll take Twilight, I’m dreading the Miley phase…

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