All those lovely eye-shadows. All evocative of a particular situation- either when I bought them, or when I wore them.

Take that lovely shimmery dark pink mousse eye-shadow from Oriflame. I bought it during the very last days I was in Tehran in 2008, before my grand move to Halifax. We had put in a huge order with a close friend. I had got another mousse eye-shadow, in silver white, for my sister, part of my stash of good-bye gifts for her.

The Revlon “Seashore Frost”: dark blue, emerald green, dark pink and light pink. I wore all four in my 5-minute appearance on CBC last year, as I cooked mirzaghasemi.

And the “Physician`s Formula”`Baked collection- three circles of glittery shades: dark chocolate brown, copper, cream. An everyday favourite.

But the infected eyelash I had over Christmas convinced me to take the expiry dates on make-up seriously. If it says six months on the lid, then I will keep it for six months only. After that, it goes in the bin. It is difficult, but it has to be done. That’s life. Full of difficult decisions. Whether to stay or go. Whether to bin or keep.

Now I have a stash of Yves Rocher eye candy to keep me happy. A new shimmery pink mousse, lighter than my old Oriflame, but just as decorative. A rather cool blue duo, which I haven’t quite got the hang of, yet. The dark blue is more grey, while the light blue tends to white. Really good mascara. Nice black smudgy eyeliner. At the last moment, I sneaked in a tan-gold shadow from a brand called Diana of London.

Still, something nags at my heart. I feel the empty place of my old eye-make-up. It will take time.

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  1. FoXy

    OMG OMG reading this entry was like watching a horror movie

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