Barely a day passes by when I don’t feel thankful that the golden boy, unlike the princess, chooses his utter his deepest thoughts and comments in his mother tongue.

I have already mentioned his fondness for swearing and rude words, which takes place in farsi. He as not yet been initiated into English swear words, which shows some tardiness in his daycare’s curriculum.

And these days we have an english-speaking house guest. The golden boy has noticed a stranger’s presence in the house, and he does not approve.

-“Why doesn’t your teacher go home, mummy?” he complained, at 9:00 pm last night. Fortunately in Farsi. Oh thank god for bilingualism. And come to think of it, it is a bit disturbing why he would think an English-speaking guest who stays the night is a teacher. I explained she was not my teacher, but a friend, and she was staying for a few days. 

The message didn’t get across. When he woke up on the morning, and saw “the teacher” still there, in queue for the bathroom, his vocal questioning increased. “Why is she here? Why is she here?” he cried, in a tone of increasing hysteria. Talk about possessiveness and personal space.

Although my houseguest is lacking in farsi language skills, there is no mistaking an angry four-year old who is displeased with you. Later on, after the golden boy departed for daycare, I tried to reassure her that we all love having her here, it is no trouble at all, and the kids love having a guest around. And it is true, the princess loves her, and loves any opportunity to talk about herself, her clothes, her friends etc. “But the golden boy is very good at hiding his love, I guess”, remarked my houseguest, somewhat sadly, as of course she is overwhelmed  by the golden boy’s sheer killing cuteness, and would like to make friends with him.

-“Don’t worry”, I said, “he is only shy.”

Only four more days to go.


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  1. FoXy

    Haha that was soo cool! Am still laughin

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