Perhaps you think Canadian ladies don’t follow a rigid code for their appearance,  but you would be wrong. They have a code, and although it is unwritten and there are no semi-legal, paramilitary bullies to enforce them, the ladies obey it as rigidly as if there were.

The code is most tangible when it comes to hair. Here are several of the classifications you can find around academic environs:

Lady professors and high-ranking lady managers: Always, always short hair, MAXIMUM to the shoulders. I have never seen a lady professor with hair below shoulders. Always natural colour, or a dyed colour AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to natural colour. I believe it is part of their contract: You Will Not Have Long, Dyed Hair While Employed By This University.

Students: Only one hair colour allowed: Black. In high-schoolers, you see some blues and greens and pinks, but by university, the only hair-colour you see is black. Otherwise, natural blondey-brunette, often blow-dryed, longish, swinging by or below shoulders.

Other Lady Staff: By which I mean all the other ladies who run the university on a day-to-day basis, the admin assistants, the co-ordinators, the secretaries, etc: long blonde hair. No natural colour, but a bright distinctive yellow, with long curled waves well below the shoulders, and long bangs just above the eyes. 

The reason for this is of course that they have the most boring and/or annoying jobs, and by virtue of their job, they look upon the other two groups (faculty and students) as major irritants. And they have discovered that there is nothing which disguises their annoyed expressions as well as a mane full of swirling long blond hair.


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