My creativity these days is severely impaired by the flu season. Any energy I have devoted to making different sick-foods. So here goes:

The secret to making good soup is stock. And the secret to making stock is to just make it.

This is our household soup-making routine these days

Day 1: In the morning, prepare stock. Stock is ready by evening.

Day 2: prepare soup with stock made yesterday and eat.

I make stock in small quantities as I don’t have the utensils or huge pots for large amounts. For stock, I put any chicken parts, plus any available vegetables (including tons and tons of garlic) in a pan, and cover with water. Bring to boil and let simmer for hours and hours and hours. From morning to night. At night, I strain the mixture, pressing some of the pulped solids through the sieve in to the stock, and refrigerate. In the morning, I have beautiful bowl of jelly-like stock,  ready for use.

Here are two recipes for the soups I made this week:

1-split pea and vegetable soup: This is a nice thick yellowy soup.

Wash split peas, cover with water, bring to boil and let simmer. Add a nice bowlful of stock. Chop and add available vegetables; but not too much or not too many different varieties. I had potato and celery, annd just one small carrot.  Don’t let cook for too long. at the very end, add some snipped parsely.

2-Mushroom and rice soup: This is a filling creamy soup.

Wash and chop mushrooms, melt butter, add mushrooms to butter. I also  added some celery, simply because I have some sitting in the fridge. After a while, add some flour. Keep stirring. Slowly add some milk, until you have a thick creamy paste swirling around the vegetables. Add a bowful of stock. Add a handful of washed rice. Bring to boil, and let simmer. Finally, add some snipped parsely. You can have this with grated cheese for a more savoury kick.

In any case, making soups isn’t particularly easy (think, preparing and chopping all those vegetables), the kids make a helluva fuss eating it, and nor has it succeeded in banishing the flu from the house. We are drowning in soup and flu. Nevertheless, I continue making a pot of soup every other day, following time-honoured tradition. There is something morally decadent about not having soup when  you’re sick.

However, tonight, I am hoping to have a chicken and mango pizza from the local delicatessen. Death to soup.


  1. Foxy

    Would you plzzzz stop writing recepies?! It’s sooo boring. Why don’t you write about what you’re gonna wear in GunZ concert?! That’d be way more exciting than writing about sick-foods.

  2. teng

    i’m afraid you’re entering my territory: soups!
    If there is one thing I’m an expert in, its soups…
    and BTW, I was watching the Zurba movie again, and guess what, he’s a great soup maker too, just like me

  3. Thenewcomer

    Excuse me Teng, but your soups are just veggies cooked in water. Sorry to disillusion you… 😉

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