I’m sorry. This is is a stupid statement, I know. It’s immoral, wrong, ignorant, unthoughtful, un-intelligent, inconsiderate, unkind, un-original- all the things I try not be. But still, I don’t commit adultery, I don’t drink (excessively) or gamble,  I don’t hate my neighbour, I kind of like my parents, I don’t throw rubbish on the pavement, I don’t worship graven images, I mind my own business, if someone asks me for help in English or MS Word (the two things I’m really good at) I try to help them, I give fresh fruit to my children as snacks, I’m not racist, I generally try to behave like an ordinary decent person, so I might as well indulge in this vice. Hating rich people.

This is what I learned after burying myself up to my ears in student loans: people are not “homogenous”. Before I attended Dalhousie, I though this word referred to milk, now I know better. It means there are no “Africans”, no “womenandchildren”, no “Iranians”- every single individual has their own worth and needs and problems, and if you start talking about people as if they are groups of sheep, then you’re heading for trouble.

Well, these sweet enlightened professors might have saved their breath, because when it comes to rich people, I’m homogenizing like crazy. I hate them all. Especially rich Iranians. Those- I can’t stand.

My father, in his former life, worked as a textile factory inspector, and what he saw in factories gave him a lasting, deep-rooted, never-dying hatred of factory-owners and their clans which extends to rich people in general; in our family, rich is another word for dumb, immoral, depraved, corrupt- you get the picture.

Not that we associate with rich people regularly, oh no. However, this morning, I had the pleasure of going to an office for an errand which by chance, brought me into close contact with a group of rich Iranians (ever heard of the Provincial Nominee Programme? I say no more), and once again, I thought pedar, how right you are. I just can’t stand being in the same room with these people.

I don’t know which is more off-putting and sick-making: the sheer arrogance, the undisguised racism, the pretentious manners, the totally unfunny jokes, the sense of entitlement, the blatant sexism… The men all think they are a combination of Don Juan in charm,  The Onion in wit and Noam Chomsky in their keen ability to conduct socio-economic analysis. The women consider themselves the rivals of Marilyn Monroe, however, their plunging decolletages and over-dyed orange-yellow hair, their hysteric too-loud  laughs, terrible make-up, over-plucked eyebrows and bad nose-jobs make them stick out like sore thumbs.

I haven’t had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with any Canadian rich people- but I’d like to know, are rich people internationally so insufferable? Or is this yet another Iranian malaise?


  1. teng

    two thumbs up!
    its a pity u blog in English


  2. Foxy

    Wow that was Flawless! Flawless Victory as the scary voice says in Mortal Cmbat (the sega game). It was awesome, n sooo true, n what a coincidence, just today I was telling mum n dad how they were right about hating rich people n how dumb n un-original n un-intelligent these people are (after going shopping with a stupid rich classmate)… I’ve come to the conclusion that too much money paralyzes the brain. N I dono why I always think they MUST give some of their money to really poor people. N so everybody should be equal, financially. You know what, I still believe in Marx theories. I hate this capitalist system that makes some people so rich n some sooo poor.

  3. Foxy

    And what was that “I KIND OF LIKE my parents?”, kid you’re supposed to loveee your parents. Esp now that they’ve been proved soo right.

    N oh I gambled in Malasia, it was kinda fun in a masochistic way. So I guess so far, thank god, I’ve done all the sins.

  4. Negar

    I was sitting here googling bilingual babies and trying to settle on a language for my first unborn daughter (6 months pregnant). I stumbled into your blog and absolutely love it. I am soo gonna press “I LIKE IT!” on StumbleUpon. =) Especially this post made me laugh out loud! I could have not written it any better myself and feel like you are my long-lost sister. HAHA

  5. amitabh

    You are not wrong at all—they’re mostly like that everywhere and those in developing countries particularly so.

  6. BArry

    Rich people are spoiled assholes. They think they’re not supposed to pay taxes, yet receive the benefit of roads, schools, airport security, police and fire protection. The world is changing-their day is comin’, and they’re gonna get theirs. I’ll be the first one out there clubbing them with a lead pipe.

  7. Gerry

    Oh shut up! I’m tired of this crap! ALOT of rich people came from nothing but decided to work their asses off for a better life! Yes there are those who are from families who have generations of wealthy people but still if they have a nice life GOOD FOR THEM and if they work to get rich then they deserve every million that they get instead of the poor people who don’t do shit to make money but always complain about having no money! Don’t blame the rich people!

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