These were the dishes on my supper table last week. The whole thing was (relatively) easy and quick to prepare, plus very very tasty- it really “stuck” to me, as we say. And not a pinch of turmeric or grain of basmati rice in sight. Oh my God! What is happening to my Iranian heritage???

  1. Tiger prawns, cleaned and shelled (yeah yeah yeah, I know the shell is supposed to “keep the moisture and flavour in”, but honestly it’s just irritating when you want to eat the prawn and the thin nail-like shell keeps getting in your teeth), sprinkled over with curry and chili powder, salt and olive oil, placed in a pyrex dish together with some whole unpeeled garlic cloves and large pieces of sweet red pepper, and grilled for about 15 minutes.
  2. Two thick pices of maple-smoked and herb-infused Atlantic salmon,  placed in a non-stick frying pan and cooked over slow heat, on each side about 15 minutes. (You can tell I’m not a proper cook- everything is more or less 15 minutes for me). The golden boy hates prawns but loves maple-smoked salmon. As indeed do we all.
  3. Potatoes, cut like thick french fries, but here is where I trick them: instead of deep-frying in oil, I cook the potatoes in a mixture of salted water and oil- clever, no? After the water evaporates, I let the potatoes “fry” a little in the oil, to become golden.
  4. Broccoli and caulifower, boiled in a finger of salted water until the flowers are soft, but the stalks still crispy. Drizzled over with some olive oil and fresh lemon juice.
  5. Iranian heritage alert: shirazi salad:  cucumbers, tomatoes and onions, all chopped ruby-size, in a strong dressing of fresh lemon-juice, olive oil and dried mint.

Apart from the salad, we ate everything else with our fingers, and indeed it was a very nice supper, perfectly suiting these lovely early fall days with their mix of warm sun and cool breeze. A note to Iranians: it is difficult to believe, I know, but there are other good things to cook in the world beside polo-khoresh, and you do not have starve and sink into depression if you run out of dried ghormeh sabzi herbs.


  1. teng

    cmon, the way you started i thought you were gonna give some very primitive recipe which is amazingly tastey…
    prawns and those “treated” salmons… you could eat them with soil and still they are tasty. this was royalty food.

  2. thenewcomer

    it wasn’t as expensive as you’d think- I think the pack of salmon was under five bucks, and we had half a bag of prawns, about 10-15 of them.

    No, the point is a lot of people don’t even know / can’t be bothered to get this kind of food, I took some smoked salmon to a Canadian potluck when I couldn’t be bothered to cook and eveybody was OMG where did you get this from? How expensive is it? etc etc

  3. sahar

    hey that was a very neat trick!… I tried it. OMG it did wonderful! there was only a problem in the way. when you boil the potatoes , they become too crispy that they easily crush when you want to turn them over. if you don’t turn them over, you won’t have complete golden potatoes!….so would you please tell me how you dealt with this problem?!

  4. thenewcomer

    The trick is you shouldn’t boil the potatoes for too long- that is when it gets mushy. I think the proper experession is “par-boil”- they should be sort of half-boiled by the time the water evaporates, and then they can just lie a bit longer in the oil, and turn over gently with a fork. I admit that is the difficult part, turning them over carefully so you don’t ruin them.

    And remember, it’s no big deal if ALL the sides aren’t fried golden- I mean nobody’s counting!!

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