Generally speaking, if you notice what a guy is wearing, it means there is something terribly, terribly wrong with his outfit.

Having their clothes not noticed- that is the most men can aspire to. Oh- I know there are ironic columns in earnest lefty humus-eating papers about pink shirts and the trouser lengths in men’s fashion, but honestly, even I can’t be bothered to read them. So long as a man can wear a shirt in a non-eye-ball-searing colour matched with jeans or grey/black/pants and doesn’t smell or burp audibly, then that is as much as you can expect.

An example- Walking across the Killam atrium the other day, I saw a guy striding in the opposite direction dressed in a green polo shirt and brown slacks. So far, so good. But he had tied a narrow chiffony red-pink print scarf around his head, with ends floating down by his shoulder. A shudder ran through me.

But this afternoon, I was idly looking up some favourite music video clips (I know! The harried life of a graduate student with a thesis looming over her! who is a mother, no less!), and there he was- my long-time favourite the Dire Straits lead singer (whose name I don’t even know- I just realised), with a red headband wrapped around his shaggy locks.

Well guys, here’s a tip for you. There are two places you may wear headbands: First, on an Apline ski slope (please note Alpine, not Shemshak or Dizin), and second, if you are sharing the stage with Sting singing “Money for Nothing”. Otherwise, steer clear of fishy head gear.



  1. teng

    that was funny!

    yeah, pink shirt is our max efforts!

  2. thenewcomer

    I know… and guys look sort of proud and shy at the same time when they’re wearing a pink shirt- like ‘yeah I’m wearing a pink shirt… but honestly I’m not happy and gay…”

  3. a-Harried-Student

    Please ma’am, why can we wear headbands on Alpine ski slopes but not Dizin?

  4. Golnish

    Haha… I actually think the first guy you described who made u shudder, was handsome. I’d flirt with him, if I were you. :D. And if I liked his face of course. What was his face like, btw?

  5. Thenewcomer

    To the student: because a rich brat who wears a headband on Dizin is a “meimoon-e gharb”.

    To nish: I didn’t see his face. He was walking away from me, in the opposite direction. Of course you would flirt with him. I think that is the whole point of the pink -red band. It’s like a sign: “Flirt with me, please.”

  6. Golnish

    :)) OMG u’re so funny. I adore you. So how’s my beautiful, funny birthday girl? Are you gonna celebrate it? I’ve never had a birthday party since I was 14.

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