I am sitting in a coffeshop on Spring Garden, sipping french vanilla coffee and munching on a biscotti, turning the pages of Vogue which I just borrowed from the public library. I have twenty minutes before I have to be at work. This is the best part of the day- except for when the kids go to sleep.

A fashion spread for Dolce and Gabbana catches my eye: five posed models by the beach, in summer and beach wear. Three of them are young and gorgeous and look exactly like all models look.  Two of them are old, really old, as old as my great-grandmother before she died. Not middle-aged, not fifty-something, but old old old. They are not, however, dressed as my great-grandmother used to dress: one of them is wearing a silver swimsuit slashed down the middle to her navel and standing with her legs apart. I can’t help noticing the bottom of her silver swimsuit, where the legs meet, is bulging considerably- is this something that happens to you when you get so old?

 Eventually I drag my eyes to the other old old model: she apparently has one blind eye- she is wearing enourmous white shades, but one side is covered with a black patch- like a pirate. Oh my God! It is my great-grandmother- she had one blind eye which she covered or not as the whim took her! So she didn’t die after all- she ran away to Europe and began modelling for high end fashion designers! She just got sick of covering herself up all the time, all her life, and is now reacting by modelling swimwear! And the family back home, her sons and daughters and millions of grandchildren,  just pretended she died to cover up the scandal! Oh my God!

Hello great-grandmother! Looks like your immigration is turning out more successful than mine! Having fun out there on the beach? Don’t let those young things get all the best contracts!

Remembering my great-grandmother, I feel sorry for anyone who tries to get anything from her. Have fun, great-grandmother, wherever you are. It was nice, knowing you. You lightened up my Friday morning. Thank you.



  1. GoLi

    I think old women should have fun n enjoy their life as well… it’s not fair that the young chicks get all the fun n hot guys (i know nothing is fair, but anyway) I think it’s great that the oldies become self-confident n run in silver swimsuits on the beach along side the young gals, without being ashamed of their looks or bodies…
    (Ladies n gentlemen I’m 21 myself, but since I’m a very good n considerate person, I want all human beings to have fun and joy)

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