If there is anything more annoying than immigrants who constantly complain about the weather/lack of jobs/high prices/general unfriendliness of their chosen country, it is those insanely cheerful immigrants who wave maple-leaf flags and sing O Canada on Canada Day. The first group merely annoy and bore me, the second group make me want vomit and then stuff the flag down their throats.

Seriously, I do not really appreciate this obssession with countries and national  pride. Since the ice age, people have migrated to places where they believed they would be a-safer and b-make more money. That’s why people migrate today. Flags have nothing to with it! Let me tell you, o immigrants singing in the local park under freezing rain and in milky fog, that your “fathers” were never chasing beavers in Canada, and there is no “z” in “thee”. Go home and make yourself a nice hot meal with ingredients bought from the closest Asian market. The real Canadians are sweaty and damp, jogging by in shorts, Nike sneakers and Adidas tops, glancing at you with amusement and just a tad of condescension. They wouldn’t be caught dead singing on O Canada on Canada day (or any other day of their life, if they can help it).

For real Canadians, Canada Day means in fact Canada Night. As evening draws on and the immigrants go home to dive under their blankets, the Canadians come out to party in their bars and pubs in a sea of red. They celebrate Canada Day by drinking a lot of beer, and listening  to very loud pop music. That is the spirit of Canada, and what it means to be a Canadian. And that is probably what your children will do when they become teenagers, if you can stick it out that long.



  1. teng

    well said 🙂

  2. Haha… Most Iranians are just so ZayeH every where they go… doesn’t matter where… That’s just in their blood (or culture?)… To be az ZayeH and Pathetic as Hell. I’m happy we’re some of those rare ones who aren’t as Zayehhhhhhhh and as stupid!

  3. thenewcomer

    Actually, Salad jan, the immigrants whom I saw singing in the Park where not Iranians- they were Indians, Arabs etc.
    Iranians don’t know how to sing.

  4. Your observations are very astute

  5. WryandGinger

    I find generalizations such as these to be less astute than they are a bit lazy.

  6. Lulu

    Grains of truth in your observation. Of course, it’s all about what floats your boat isn’t it? If singing O Canada helps them to identify more with their adopted country, I say let them sing on.

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