I meant to write on this topic sooner, but was prevented by the sheer weightiness of the issue. However, to the Iranian ladies intending to immigrate to Canada and considering the possibility of settling in the Maritimes, a word of caution: They don’t do threading here.

This simple fact, overlooked by the dozens of researchers working on immigrations issues and the difficulty of “retaining” immigrants in the Maritimes most likely lies at the heart of those numerous decisions to pack up bags, bid farewell to Halifax, and head to Toronto. After all, in Toronto there is a decent beauty parlour with an Iranian girl who threads eyebrows round every corner, and thus the beauty concerns of Iranian ladies are solved.

How can it be true? Is there a city in the world where they don’t thread eyebrows? How can they bear to look at each other then? I hear you, my friends.

The answer is simple: waxing. Less painful than threading and  more efficient, Halifax “aestheticians” as they are called shape your eyebrows expertly, with a tub of warm wax in less than ten minutes.

The results vary. Threading, which is done in combination with a good deal of plucking with tweezers, gives a certain artistic arch shape to the eyebrows, which waxing simply cannot achieve. With waxing, you get pleasing, smooth clean eyebrows. Threading however,  gives a je ne sais quoi, -a narrower tail? A saucy twist? to the eyebrows- a sort of sharper, more defined, less natural look than waxing.

As you can see, our passion for imitating the west is limited to cars, mobiles and satellites. In terms of style and beauty, we set our own standards.



  1. I had my underarms threaded once in Goa. That was an experience. OWWWWWW!!!! Nice smooth skin afterwards though…

  2. Friends in New York always talked about threading,
    I’d never heard of it, but I would love to try.

  3. ck

    I’ve just started seeing threading kiosks in the mall – I had no idea it was painful…of course I’m always pushing/pulling two little kids so I never get to watch for long and I probably look like the one in pain.

  4. thenewcomer

    It is more painful than waxing, in my experience. However, I find the actual plucking hurts the most- it feels like they’re pushing needles very rapidly in your skin…oww, I’m getting twitchy just thinking about it.

    As we Iranians say- be pretty and die.

  5. Indians and if I’m not mistaken, Chinese (maybe… any way I mean some far-eastern-Asians) also practice threading. No Indian beauty salon in Halifax?

  6. OMG! What a great subject to blog about! I was just dying to know how Iranian ladies do without threading in Canada!! God now I feel relieved!

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