I have the (mis)fortune of working on Spring Garden Avenue, full of beautiful shops with beautiful things, and so I am exposed daily to temptations which I have to fight hard to resist. However, with Halifax promising to be overrun with tourists screaming Ob-la-dee-Ob-la-da, I have decided to play my part in fighting the recession in my favourite city, and aid them by listing my favourite shops, as well as warning them where to steer clear of.

1-SPLURGE. The hats! The earrings! The bags! Oh my god the earrings! The rings! I would like to own every single one of them! I recently acquired a hat which despite having the slight drawback that I am not able to see much when I am wearing it, must be one of the prettiest things I have ever owned.

2- SOCK IT TO YA. Despite the silly name, this little shop has a lovely collection of tights and camisoles. I bought a pair of ornately patterned tights which turned the useful practical stumps into sinuous exotic accessories, and had great difficulty in choosing the cutest camisole  from a wide range of cute camisoles.

3- PLEASE MUM! Located in Halifax Shopping Centre, this childswear shop has clothes which makes me wish I was six again. In fact, I could buy some of the larger sizes, only I am afraid the salesgirl would guess it was for myself.


1-P`LOVER. The idotic apostrophe in the middle is enough to put me off this ridculous shop, in which dull green and grey wrinkled clothing is sold at astronomically high prices, with the motifs like`this skirt was hand-crafted by bits of organic linen lovingly plucked from thistles by real live farmer girls on Scottish highlands at the crack of dawn`.

2-DULY NOTED. On Quinpool, perhaps the most pretentious shop I ever saw , where you can buy fancy stationary in exchange for the equivalent of your tuition fee. What can you possibly want to write which need to be written in a velevt-backed notebook which costs twenty times more than a product with an identical function from the dollar store? Who do you think you are, Shakespeare?

3-THE FIRST SHOP ON THE RIGHT WHEN YOU ENTER PARK LANE MALL. It has a name like Aunt Tabitha or something, and it houses the most astoundingly ugly (and expensive) collection of womenswear you ever saw. Bright green and blue boxy jackets under white patterned shirts teamed up with white pants- oh the horror. Whenever my eyes inadvertantly fall on the window display, I shudder. The clothes look like parody nursing or factory uniforms designed for a dystopian film written by Atwood and produced by Hollywood. I don’t know how they can afford the rent- I have never seen anybody wearing those kinds of clothes.

4-THE NEWLY RENOVATED SHOPPERS DRUG MART ON SPRING GARDEN. I’m sorry, but how do I choose out of rows of five hundred and fifty three moisturizers, all looking more or less the same, all lit with white lighting? And what is this with HIDING the prices under a silly little plastic flap- are we so disdainful of money that we do not care about the prices anymore? Us Canadians? I think NOT.

Well, shop-lovers, here you have it. Enjoy your stay in Halifax.


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