“…and gently open your eyes. Roll to your right side, and slowly spiral up, breathing into the space between your ribs. Thank you for joining our class today, namasai, namasai…”

One student however, continues to lie calmly on her back with her eyes closed and a look of peaceful of meditation on her face. The teacher looks at her a bit nervously. A couple of seconds pass. Other students, mostly elderly women who can do amazing planks and postures turn to look at their meditating classmate. The teacher takes a step towards her, then hesitates. There have been a couple of odd things about this student from the start. She wears bright lipstick and sparkly pink eyeshadow to yoga class, which nobody else does. And she does not wear a standard microfibre Adidas black or brown shorts and tight tops which everyone else does, but instead shows up for yoga in a slightly stained cotton pink t-shirt and white and red checked shorts, with no brand. And now she is not getting up. The teacher clears her throat, and takes another step towards her pink student still lying peacefully on her yoga mat. 

The newcomer jerks awake. She had been dreaming.  About the princess. That morning, the princess had refused to put on her coat, declaring that it was summer, and went to school wearing only a light sports jacket. The weather was foul and cold, pouring icy January-like rain. The newcomer had been dreaming about the princess getting lost, walking about in grey rainy clouds. She knew it was dream and tried to push herself out of it. She was meditating! Peace! Get rid of all the stress! Shanti, shanti, shanti…

She pulls herself abruptly into a sitting position, neglecting to slowly open her eyes and let the breath swirl in the space between her ribs. The elderly yoga teacher, who has the beautiful face of an aging Faye Dunaway, complete with smooth silver hair, looks at her with anxiety and consternation.  “I think you must have been dozing, and I hate to wake people up… ”  The newcomer flushes deeply and tries to laugh it off. “Yes- I think I dropped off.” She scrambles to her feet, rolls up her yoga mat, and walks out.



  1. Haha that was soooo cute! Didn’t she jump on you kissing u all over when u woke up n blushed like that???!

  2. teng

    that was funny! 😀

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