Have you heard of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts? Neither had I. But I bet you have heard the song “I love Rock n’Roll” a hundred times, especially if you live in Halifax. One of the Haligonian radio DJs apparently loves this song, so we hear it ten times a week, and the princess and I, and sing along on our way to and from school / daycare/ university / office… Each time it starts, the princess gives a little shriek of excitement “I love this song!”

So last night, we googled the video, and watched and rewatched … and rewatched the video clip. I want to look like her. (So does the princess. To my mind, it is an improvement for wanting to look like Barbie as the Island Princess) Granted, I am not going to walk in bar and pick up a seventeen year-old boy, but I want the look. Here’s how I tried:


THE EYES: Black sparkly eyeshadow swept under my bottom lashes. It looked horrible so I smudged and smudged until it was slightly better. Lots and lots of black mascara, until I got a clump in my eye and the tears started pouring, smudging the black eyeshadow even more. Creamy white eyeshadow all over the upper lid, up to the brow. Brown coffe-coloured eyeshadow deep into the crease, swept out into little wings. Joan uses black, but I daren’t use anymore black.

THE SKIN: Joan has dead white skin with no colour in her cheeks. I do not have  dead white foundation. I use my everyday creamy beige fiundation, only refrain from adding any colour to the cheeks. I use some of the white eyeshadow on the tops of my cheeks. I want the ghosty effect. I am not sure I succeed. I do not try too hard, because I generally look pale and ghostly by three o’clock in the afternoon anyway.

THE LIPS: Joan has smooth matte pink lips. Unfortunately they do not manufacture matte lipsticks anymore- at least I don’t have any, except a dark reddish one which will not do. Gloss rules these days. I have to be content with a lick of Lancome Champange lipstick. It is my pinkiest lipstick (the others are either browny or reddy) It shines. I blot my lips. The shine is slightly dulled. Well, this is a more modern look. Sorry Joan.


Joan wears a skintight red leather catsuit and black leather jacket. I have none of these items in my staid, bourgoisie, office-wear wardrobe. Even if I had, I think it would be too much for provincial Halifax. I put on my ordinary black leather boots over dark blue skinny cut jeans (fortunately it is rainy and cold ). Black cotton polo-neck jumper. Weird red and  green pendant hanging on long narrow gold chain (I wish it was at least silver). Faded black coat. Wine-red scarf. My best approximation. It doesn’t look too bad.


Joan has dead-straight hair falling below her shoulders, and a spiky fringe falling in her eyes. I have short curly frizzy hair. Our only common ground is the colour: black black. (oh- and I have  two whites springing out of my crown) The night before, I wanted to straighten my hair. Unfortunately, as it was rainy and windy, I couldn’t. Canadian ocean weather makes short work of straightened hair, reducing it to a mass of frizz in five seconds. So left my curls alone. More modern look anyway.



  1. InfoMonkey referred me to you. I’m running a series on “East Coast roots” about different heritages and living in this part of Canada. Would you be interested in writing a guest post about your experiences?

  2. DJhaligonian

    “provincial halifax”???? Thats so craaazy, from someone who comes from a country where the idea of fashion for women is to cover them up in a black sheet.

  3. thenewcomer

    Why don’t you google some images for Iranian women and see how they REALLY dress when going out and about. In this day and age, you shouldn’t rely on CNN and Fox for all your news and ideas.

  4. GLi

    Haha I love this post! Are you aware if you make yourself like that, u don’t need to go pick 17-year-old boys in the bars, cause any guy would fall for you (in the bars, or out of the bars) ?. Although I’ve always loved the rock style. Dark eye make-up, pale skin, short black nails (oh you forgot to mention this one), n a very light color on ur lips (either shiny or matte).

    RoCk oN!

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