…has to be one of the most stupid ideas I have heard of in a long time. It is the pretty good example of the kind of non-stop self-righteous nagging, bullying, whining, preaching tone which comes to fore in social movements- such as the environment thing which people are so hot on in this part of the world.

During the evening of March 26th, or maybe 27th- I can’t remember because I was so blinded by annoyance and the urge to vomit while reading the blurb,  Haligonians were encouraged to turn off their lights, and refrain from using electricity. There was a helpful list of the things we could do in the dark (the obvious one not mentioned, obviously). These included “supporting local businesses by having a candlelit dinner at a local restaurant” (God- stop trying to make me feel that emptying my wallet is a civic moral duty), “taking a walk by the starlight” (and the freezing cold) and “playing Pictionary with glo-in-the-dark pens” (oh what fun, we’re back in daycare, will somebody bring me milk and cookies when we’re done?)

The condescending, patronizing, infantilizing tone of the article aside, I had some serious issues with the idea itself.

Excuse me, but I have grown up during the Iran-Iraq war, and sitting around in the dark reminds me of air-raids and sirens, danger and deprivation. There are millions people in the world (look up the statistics) who do not have regular electricity- not because they decided to switch it off to play silly games, but because they don’t have it. And they would like to have it, thank you very much. You are not going to improve their quality of life with this cheap gesture. Plus, they would think you crazy.

As for saving the earth,  a pasttime long popular in the North American imagination, no, sorry, you won`t do it by sitting around in the dark either. Try legislation, trying electing policy-makers and law-makers who care about this sort of thing, try familiarizing yourself with how much damage industries are inflicting (as opposed to private citizens). When it comes to the voting booths, stop giving priority to whoever promises you the largest tax breaks.

Money, or the environment. That`s what it comes down to. You can`t have both. And stop playing with lights.



  1. teng

    right to the point
    this “local” thingy is killing me
    well said

  2. I_Hate_Yuppies

    I don’t agree with all you write, but i agree this yuppie-middle-class-lets all-hug-each-other-but-don’t-touch-my-bank-account is vomit-making.

    Lets turn ALL lights on ALL electrical appliances during Earth Hour. YAY!

  3. Ww

    One of us cleaned the oven LOL

  4. nightrain45

    what a lame post- do your research properly before you start shooting off your mouth about what you don’t know.
    people like you should be taxed for spoiling the earth for the rest of us.

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