The free soaring spirit of Thenewcomer has been shackled again. Welcome back, newcomer, to the world of the wage-slaves. Be grateful you had these ten precious months of liberty, to get up when you want, to have lunch whenever you please, to go downtown to have your eyebrows done at 11:00 am, to  go to Yoga at 1:00 pm, to go home and have a mid-afternoon nap at 2:00 pm.

Actually, I can still do most of those things, on some days, for my new job is part-time. Still, I feel the chains of the Inbox. “E-mail is your lifeline.” said my predecessor (the girl whose position I am taking over, and who is training me in my new duties). “Although, our director prefers to IM us through msn, it’s quicker.” Does she now? I am not thrilled.

Well, one cannot live on savings and student loans. Most students I know have part-time jobs (more than one, to be honest, so I should stop moaning). Life is expensive. Bills mount.

I am lucky to get a job, when jobs are cut right and left, all over the place. Just this morning, I read in the local rag that another 84 people will lose their jobs as another branch of an American company crumples up and dies in Halifax.  The Maritimes (Nova Scotia and the surrounding provinces) have never been the brightest and briskest place to do business (Maritimers keep repeating that with a certain sense of pride- Oh no- we’ve never been like Ontario, they will tell you smugly), and so naturally, they are not thriving now.

So, I am happy. I look at my new desk, my new computer, listen to the new sounds of the new fax machine. I have eight new folders, in all the shades of the rainbow but  not so shiny, neatly laid out beside me.  My new office is on Spring Garden road, heart of downtown Halifax. There are worse places to be.


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