I feel as if I’ve swallowed a hedgehog. All prickly and uncomfortable. During the last couple of weeks, I have lost the following items:

-My wristwatch, a lovely delicate affair with a long white rectangular face, silver frame, and beautiful pale pink straps. Apart from the fact that I am watch addict and nervously glance at my watch every ten minutes or so when I am outside, I just loved my beautiful watch for itself, and I am seeing it everywhere. I know it must be somewhere in the hosue, but it isn’t. I am going crazy.

-My brown leather gloves. I didn’t love them so much,  but I am still extremely annoyed with myself for losing them. I am constantly haranguing the princess and the golden boy about losing their winter clothes, (and in Canada, children have to have a range of expensive and bizarre winter clothes), so it just makes for such a bad example to lose my own gloves the first day I wear them. However, this loss has a positive side: I am now free to wear the fluffy pink kitsch gloves which the princess’s grandmother sent her from Iran, but which I confiscated.    

-My dark-red cotton polo neck. This was an extremely useful item of clothing- it was thin and tight, so it added no extra bulk, but it was warm because of the thick roll polo neck. I layered it under dresses, summer tops, shirts, sweaters, and without it my winter wardrobe is suffering. In fact, I wore so often that the last time the princess saw it she said “for God’s sake wear something else and change your style”… so maybe that is a clue what has a happened to it.

-Another red sweater, v-neck. Another extremely useful item which had become a bit shabby through frequent use, and so I mainly wore it around the house on weekends. Is my family trying to tell me something here?

And in fact, i’m pretty sure there are some other things which I’ve lost, but haven’t yet swum to them surface of my consciousness. Oh no, oh no… I’m going to need some good news, pretty fast now…



  1. adamavazi

    is the princess actully ur daughter or “havuu”? how can u wear gloves her size??? maybe sh is “layering” your clothe under her clothes too???

  2. thenewcomer

    i found the watch! YES!!!!

  3. thenewcomer

    To adamavazi: the gloves are S T R E T C H Y!!!
    And actually, the primcess did “layer” a black blouse of mine for halloween, under a pink sparkly top. She got quite a spooky effect, too.

  4. Fozool_mahaleh

    Where was the watch\?

  5. thenewcomer

    It was amazing… lying face down on the kitchen floor… I had no idea where it had been or what it was doing there.

  6. OMG I’m still madly in love with you, though I haven’t seen you in months :((. I wish you hadn’t lost your stuff, cause am in love with ur stuff too. Please be more careful.

  7. I wanna buy a pair of Red leather gloves! Guess they’re sooo hotttttt

  8. And the good news is: I finally updated my blog

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