Very many years ago (I don’t remember when), somebody (I don’t remember who) told me that pink suits me.

That did it. A plethora of pink sweaters, pink trousers, pink blouses, pink tee-shirts, and pink jewellery (rose quartz stud earrings- absolutely gorgeous. Pink and blue lapis lazuli silver ring- my favourite), pink watchstraps and pink manteaus invaded my wardrobe. Pink became by hallmark- people gave me pink clothes as gifts. And I hadn’t even heard of the song by Aeromisth. Nor was Pink the singer famous, in those days, when I was young.  

And it was not boring. Pink ranges from the palest sugary-pink tinted whites, to deep, almost- scarlet fuschias, to fun orangy-pinks. I loved and collected them all. To the point that if I happened to show up one day wearing black, people would ask me who had died. And if I wore, through some weird morning mood, blue, people would would scream with relief, “you know, blue looks good on you too! Why don’t you try it more often?”

Until I came to Halifax, and I realised that pink is the granny colour, over here. And since there are a lot of grannies (Canada’s aging demographics and all that), you see a lot of pink. And not in a good way. Haligonian grannies have a penchant for sweet velvet dusty-pink hats, phosporus pink long coats, and pink lipstick which suddenly killed the pink in me.

However, I still have various pink items which I had accumulated through the pink years: for example, a cashmere sweater in a deep true pink. It is warm and lovely. But how do I avoid looking like a granny, which given that I am already ten years older, at least, than most of my classmates, must be the one thing I should focus on in university? (Apart from studying, of course…)

The solution: brown makeup. Haligonian grannies, thank God, have not yet discovered browny shades of lipstick and shadow, preferring to stick to a palate of scarlet red and baby pinks. So, to carry off my pink clothes, I match them with a deep shade of “Wicked Brown” Lancome lipstick and “Cinnamon” Lancome eye-shadow, beautiful coppery shades which my mood and the autumn trees.

There. Now I can defy the Haligonian grannies.



  1. When you WERE young??!!! Come on, stop kiddin’ me! And hey why don’t you try Red? It’s much prettier than pink, & it enhances your natural charm. The bottom line is you always look gorgeous, no matter what you wear.

  2. thenewcomer

    i wear red a lot too, these days. Today, I wore a dark red polo-neck layered beneath a navy-blue long dress, for my presentation. Nobody asked me for any autographs, though.

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